Airbus Experience

Engineering Intern

Airbus Defence & Space Friedrichshafen

Jun 2016 - Sep 2016

I was working on the on-board software for the “FLP Testbench” project: a testbench for the “Future Low-cost Platform”, a small, affordable, customizable, and state-of-the-art satellite platform. My work mainly consisted of porting the on-board software to run on a newer dual-core computer by adapting the code to use asymmetric multiprocessing. I also upgraded and tested the code with the in-development version of RTEMS 4.11, and tested symmetric multiprocessing.

The software was written in C++11 with an object-oriented design. To increase code reusability, the code was heavily encapsulated and filled with abstract interfaces and generic templates. Doxygen was used to make documentation.

I also worked on moving the code version control system from Git to SVN, as well as upgrading the RMAP SpaceWire drivers.

Internship Report

Mr Alois Klink, born 26 September 1996, undertook an internship with Airbus Defence & Space from 23 June 2016 to 22 September 2016 in connection with his studies (Masters in Electronic Engineering, University of Southampton) with the following task:

Porting the software of the Future Lowcost Platform (FLP) from the University of Stuttgart to the GR712 Dual-Core Processor

Highlights of his work include:

  • Analysis of the original code developed by the University of Stuttgart
  • Broadening the SpaceWire-Driver functions from an existing thesis work
  • Implementation and tests to check compatibility for porting to the new processor
  • Adaption of the driver configuration and new compilation of the RTEMS operating systems
  • Installation of the code version control system ‘Subversion’ for managing code.
  • Documentation of the software

Mr Klink has performed his commitment with Airbus exceptionally well as he was always prepared to take on the various tasks, executing them with the utmost care and accuracy.

During the internship, he put his theoretical knowledge to good practical use. We are indeed pleased with his qualitative and quantitative output during his whole time here at the company.

In addition, he had an exemplary relationship with his supervisors and colleagues.

We thank Mr Klink for his good work and we wish him all the best in his future career and life.

The above report was translated from the original, which can be found below.

Original Airbus Testimonial